About SIG Ward

Based in Southern California, Sig draws inspiration from her love of nature and organic shapes, as well as the ocean hues of the Pacific and the Mediterranean Sea of her native, Tel Aviv.
Sig got her start in jewelry when, as an acupuncturist of over ten years, she began incorporating healing stones and crystals into her practice of ancient Chinese medicine. First creating beaded jewelry imbued with healing intentions, Sig’s designs eventually came to include Gold, long celebrated for it's alchemic properties. Taking further inspiration from her mother’s vast collection of vintage jewelry, Sig launched her eponymous line in 2014 and began designing exclusively in 14 and 18k gold.
As her collections have evolved to become meaningful works of wearable art, she continues to weave intentions for healing and manifestation into all her designs. Sig currently lives in Manhattan Beach, California with her husband and two children.
Sig Ward Jewelry is currently carried at various Four Seasons Resorts and luxury specialty stores.