Vintage Revival

We can all agree that there is a place in our hearts for the treasures of the past. We all have a decade in mind that, if we could transport, we would. Maybe in a past life, you were the Queen of Egypt, a flapper girl, or a Hollywood starlet. That's why when we see a classic movie or a vintage car drive by, we are hit with a wave of nostalgia. And we think, “how can I feel that again, even for a couple seconds longer”. Our designer, Sig Ward, knows this about us. She was inspired by the 50s, and growing up, her favorite escape was going to vintage shops and flea markets to scour for treasures with her mother. These outings are now a tradition that she keeps alive with her daughter.
When one of the pieces in this collection strikes you, we want you to know why. We each have our own unique connection to the past, perhaps that's why we are attracted to certain gemstones and jewels. They can tell us more about ourselves when we feel those attractions, as well as what we might need to carry around with us. Whether the pieces make you feel that much more like the Queen of Egypt wearing emeralds, or the stone brings you what you were lacking in life (as they all have charged energy)- you will feel revived. In this blog, we invite you to learn more about meaning



Emerald is the May birthstone. In ancient Greece and Rome, emerald was said to be the gemstone of the goddess Venus, purveyor of love and hope. The emerald is also known as a stone of intuition, associated with sight and the revelation of future events and truths
Tourmaline comes in a wide variety of colors, as well as has powerful healing and protective energies, and each variety of tourmaline has its own meaning and powers. This stone is known as the gem for sensitive poets and creative artists.  The purple mineral is considered a stone of protection and tranquility. Pink tourmaline brings benefits to the heart chakra, helping bring restoration and balance to this chakra.
Lolite is both a third eye chakra and a throat chakra stone. It aids in opening your third eye and utilizing its abilities. Blue gemstones are often highly sought after as they represent royalty, wisdom and loyalty. The stone is known as the ‘Vikings’ Compass’ and carries the spirit of journey, dreams, and intuition. Lolite is great for boosting the immune system.