One of a kind fine jewelry set with intention
The Manifest Collection is inspired by the core principle of Law of Attraction which states that we create our reality with our thoughts and beliefs. If you ask someone who has reached a high level of success, almost always they will tell you they manifested their dreams. Sometimes they still can’t believe it. The mind is a powerful, powerful tool. When you envision what you want, claim it, believe it, and align your energy and thoughts, the universe will conspire to make your dreams happen. 
These pieces are inspired by the shape and form of magnets and horseshoes, intended to support you in consciously attracting what your heart desires. The universe has your back. Every piece in the collection is designed to serve as a modern talisman intended and tailored to attract what you are currently manifesting. Keep saying those affirmations ladies, and never, ever stop manifesting your dreams and desires.
The Opal and Pink Opal Inlay Manifest necklace imbues love and hope. Opal inlay represents hope, optimism and self expression. Pink Opal represents a healing sense of love, peace and hope. White Agate represents transforming negative to positive and attracting spirit guides. Pink Sapphire attracts good fortune and Emerald trillion is a healer of emotions, and a conduit of unconditional love. A sprinkle of diamonds for purity and invincible spiritual power. Now you are all set to manifest your heart's desires.
Our classic Reeded Gold Manifest necklace gets an upgrade with 5 vibrant Emerald (a symbol of truth, abundance, and true love. A talisman, meant to be a reminder that all is possible when you believe and see love in everything and everyone.
A fun and flirty addition to the Manifest collection. Our classic Reeded Manifest Earrings donning 3 " diamond chain tassels.
Magnetize your heart's desires and elevate your spring style with this gorgeous 18k and enamel ring. Inspired by the shape and form of magnets and horseshoes, symbols of attraction and good fortune; Use it as a modern talisman along with the mantra "I am" to draw your dreams into reality.