Enamel Deco

Enamel Deco

One of a kind fine jewelry set with intention

Using vibrant hues of Enamel and vividly colored gemstones, the Enamel Deco collection is inspired by Sig's love of old Hollywood glamour, retro style and more innocent times. Enameling is one of the oldest forms of surface decoration, used to add color to jewelry. By using this technique, our designer Sig Ward was able to capture this luxurious, deco design. Deco is short for Art Deco, a popular design style of the 1920s and 1930s characterized especially by bold outlines, geometric and zigzag forms. Life became more lavish and indulgent. This was a liberating time for women as they dressed less restrictive, left the house, drove cars, and looked glamorous as they did it. Go ahead and envision yourself at one of Mr. Great Gatsby's famous parties, with vibrant colors, fragrances of champagne bubbles, an overall ambiance of carefreeness in the air.  Art Deco-style jewelry is timeless, coming from such a revolutionary time in women's accessories and fashion. 

As with all our collections, Sig’s magical touch incorporates cheerful hues and whimsical designs to remind us to be happy in the moment and be more lighthearted, (and glamorous).

18K YG Kerr Spinel Star Chain Bracelet

Vibrant and mesmerizing, the Kerr star bracelet, boasts .10 tc Pink Spinel Star, set in 18K yellow gold, with vintage hues of pink and green French Enamel. On a double chain, with adjustable sizing.


18K YG Hepburn Pink Tourmaline and Tanzanite Enamel Necklace

A gorgeous addition to your SWJ layering game. Hepburn boasts .75 total carats of Pink Tourmaline, and .80 total carats of Tanzanite, set in 18K yellow gold, with French Enamel. 18" chain.

18K Davis Tanzanite Enamel Cuff

Perfect on her own or layered with your other Sig Ward Bracelets, The Davis cuff boasts two Emerald cut Tanzanite gemstones, totaling 3.40 carats. Vintage hues of lavender and pink frame the beautiful stones for a gorgeous statement.

18K Grace Aquamarine Enamel Ring

4 Carats of sky blue Aquamarine make this ring so incredibly iridescent and gorgeous. Set in 18K yellow gold, and inlaid with white and pale pink enamel, she is ready to be the talk of the town.

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