A Charming History

 Sig Ward Charm Collection
Since the beginning of time mankind have been adorning themselves with symbols, shapes and forms denoting country and family of origin and paying homage to deities and the deceased.  Ancient sites around the globe have been found to contain amulets carved from wood, bone and stone that were worn to bring the wearer good luck and  shield from evil.  
In ancient Rome Christians were known to wear small fish charms to identify themselves to other Christians while Jews wore amulets containing tiny passages of scripture round their necks to keep the sacred texts close the their hearts.

14k Letter Snake Charm - $900.00


Queen Victoria, said to be the original “jewelry Influencer”,  popularized charm bracelets among the European noble classes. In grieving Prince Albert, she commissioned “mourning” charms with jeweled epithets and miniature portraits of her beloved. Some even contained locks of hair, which during the Victorian era, was believed to contain the essence of a person. 

Throughout the 50’s and 60’s charm bracelets hit their peak of popularity as young women collected them to mark important life events and travels. 
In the last few years vintage charms have come back into vogue. And while many still wear them as modern day talismans, these personal symbols  have evolved as an expression of individuality.  

14k Sea Shell Charm Locket - $450.00

Sig’s charm collection features all the inspiration that goes into all of her designs; meaningful symbols, powerful gemstones to magnify intentions and her love of the ocean and nature.